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Technical Museum of Pforzheim's jewellery and watchmaking industries

We look forward to your visit! Since Sunday, 3 April, vaccination, recovery or test certificates are no longer required. Please continue to observe the distance rules and wear mouth and nose protection, thank you.

The Technical Museum is a place for stimulating encounters with Pforzheim’s jewellery and watchmaking industries – in many respects:

In the building of the former Kollmar & Jourdan jewellery manufactory, our visitors can gain insights into the world of Pforzheim’s traditional jewellery and watchmaking industries, which once dominated the global market. In addition to showing you the products and the technology involved in their manufacture, we also attach major importance to highlighting the significant role these historical industries played as a work environment for the people concerned and as a driving force for the city’s development, i.e. the cultural context. Individual aspects of our comprehensive subject are explored in detail by special exhibitions.

Retired artisans from the jewellery and watchmaking industries display their goldsmithing or steel-engraving, engine-turning or chain-making skills at workplaces equipped with historical machines.

So visitors have an opportunity to witness first-hand the numerous worksteps involved in manufacturing a watch or a resplendent piece of jewellery.

The museum is a place where history comes alive, by judicious and illuminating juxtaposition of these industries’ past and present. We spotlight a number of contemporary jewellery and watchmaking companies, as well as a few that have developed other, innovative industries and services from their traditional capabilities.